To our fans, friends, and adopted rock family,

We have decided to stop recording, touring, and performing as The Cheap Speakers. We came to this place amicably, and after a lot of thought. We always said we'd take this as far as it could go, but it's become clear to us that the path seems to end here. There will be a last show in the new year, and we'd love it if we saw you there.

We truly love so many of you for what you helped us do. Without fans and the people who quietly (or loudly) went to bat for us, we wouldn't be looking back at two records, two tours, tons of shows and festival dates, playing with and sharing space with bands we respect and love dearly — memories we'll keep forever. It was the support of fans that inspired and pushed us to give the very real blood, sweat, and tears it took to do what we did over the last few years especially.

Our humble, endless appreciation goes out to anyone who ever let us crash on a floor or couch, shared a rehearsal space with us, told a friend to check us out, every band or fan that slipped us a few extra bucks for gas, every writer or photographer that covered us, the campus DJs that gave us a spin, and every single person who came out to see us play. It always mattered to us. We watched as each opportunity you gave us turned into ten more — you were literally giving more than you imagined.

We'd also like to thank the bookers and venues that took a chance on us. You made some of this country's greatest rock bars feel like home. In particular, we must thank Dan Wolovick and Two Way Monologues. Dan, you were our greatest champion, and most of what we tried to accomplish wouldn't have happened without you. We never forgot our TWM and Rancho Relaxo family, and never will.

If there's anything else we could say here, it'd be this — support local live music any chance you get. Support campus radio, because it gives independent artists huge reach in a very big country, and a real opportunity to shine among peers. Support touring acts, because touring is a tough but necessary thing for many bands, and every dollar at the door or merch table counts.

We'll still be involved in this incredible music scene we call home. You'll still see us at shows, supporting some of Canada's best acts with everything we've got.

See you next year, everyone — let's send this off right.

With love and gratitude in the name of rock n' roll,

Natalia, Brennan, David, and Tim

Photo: Leilah Vayid

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